In the rese­arch asso­cia­ti­on Quan­tum Repeater.Link – in short QR.X – more than 40 part­ners from aca­de­mic rese­arch insti­tu­tes, insti­tu­tes, and com­pa­nies have col­la­bo­ra­ted to deve­lop a key com­po­nent of future Quan­tum Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on Net­works: the Quan­tum Repea­ter. The pro­ject is fun­ded for this pur­po­se by the Bun­des­mi­nis­te­ri­um für Bil­dung und For­schung (BMBF).

Address / Cont­act

Uni­ver­si­tät des Saar­lan­des (UdS)
Fach­rich­tung Phy­sik
Cam­pus E2 6
66123 Saar­brü­cken

Cont­act SQuaD:
Prof. Dr. Chris­toph Becher
Tele­fon: 0681–302 2466
E‑mail: christoph.becher@physik.uni-saarland.de